Sunday, September 12, 2010

Of all the places I've been...

These past few weeks have certainly been ones to remember. For the first time in my life, I was robbed. But more on that in a moment. Right now, I'll start with the beginning.

If you happened to read my last post, you might have guessed that Jordan and I broke up. It was really hard, but more than that, it was just sad. It was sad to have lost someone so wonderful, someone who's family I so dearly admire. Seeing them made me realize that that was what I wanted in my future family. The problem though, is that I don't know if I feel like I deserve it. When he broke up with me, I didn't cry myself to sleep; I didn't leave school immediately after classes because it was too hard. In fact, I kept going. It's not that I wasn't sad, I just didn't let it affect me the same way I did after Jeremiah broke up with me.

About a week and a half later, Jordan texted me, wanting to talk. That night, he came over and we talked. We talked about our relationship, our separation, and that he realized that he wanted to date again. We didn't start dating that night. Not because I didn't want to, but because I was afraid of getting hurt again, but more this time. Eventually we did get back together.

So fast forward a few weeks. Jordan and I went to the Murray Arts Center last night. Jordan had left his wallet, a set of his car keys (he had taken one off), and his cell phone in the car. We kind of hid them, but we honestly weren't expecting to have to worry about it. We danced for a little bit, and then about after an hour and a half, we left. As we were driving down the road, I noticed that it sounded particularly loud, and I looked for an open window, and low and behold the back window (the small one, not the big one) had been busted open! We immediately pulled over and checked to see if anything was gone, but Jordan's wallet, cell phone, and keys were all there. Then Jordan lifted up the blanket that had been in the back and picked up my blue make-up compact. Immediately I realized something was not right. That compact had been in my purse, which I had left at Jordan's house. We called his parents to make sure, but they didn't find it. That's when I realized that my purse (along with my dance shoes bag [no dance shoes thankfully were inside]) were not in the car.

That's right. Contents of my purse? My Social Security Card, 5 Credit Cards, 2 Debit Cards, a flash drive, my iPod Touch, my iPod Shuffle, my temple recommend, my NY driver's license, my Utah driver's license, all of my make-up, my starving student card, $22 in cash, 50 checks, my purse (of course), and countless memories that I had stored in my wallet/purse for safe-keeping, and other things that will come to mind when I realize I'm missing them. They had used (or tried to use) all of my credit cards, one of my debit cards, and who knows what happened to the other stuff, sadly. Yes, I've canceled all of my cards (and to my defense, I don't use all 5 of those credit cards, I got 2 of them for the discounts, and two of them are for two different bank accounts that are for two different purposes, I swear I'm not a ridiculous card hoarding person!)

Yet at the same time, I feel very blessed about the whole situation. I didn't end up losing too much money (although losing those iPods sucks), they didn't take my phone, nor did they get my expensive dance shoes. Also, Jordan's stuff was not taken, which I am very grateful for. And no one else had their car broken into, which really is a good thing. Honestly, if I found the people who took my stuff, I would just ask for my purse and memories back. I don't really care about the money or the iPods (although I would like my SS card back...and I would like my temple recommend, and my iPods would be nice, but I wouldn't push it). It's all just a frustrating and mostly sad experience. Sad that people have become so untrustworthy these days.

I was going to write more concerning Jordan and myself, but I've already written a lot, and I'm getting tired.