Monday, December 13, 2010

First Day of Finals Week = Awesome

I can't find my journal, but I've had such a super awesome day today, I want to make sure it's recorded. Especially since I've been neglecting my journal the past few days (or weeks...)

Anyway, at first I thought today might not be so good since it started off not so good. I woke up later than intended (though I did have the opportunity to wake up sooner, I just couldn't--I was too tired). And when I got to campus, I realized that I had forgotten something that I really needed, so I had to walk all the way back home to pick it up. When I got back to campus, I edited my personal history (it's for my computer design class) and waited until 1:30 when I was meeting up with a friend to study for my Religion test.

When 1:30 finally did roll around, we found an empty room (fortunately) and started studying. We somehow managed to get through all 70 (or so) pages of what we needed to study before he had to leave at 3:30. I stayed an extra half hour to ensure that I had everything down before going to take the test.

When I got to the testing center (aka the Wilk, which serves as a temporary testing center during finals), I found that the line was quite long and soon heard the wait was about a half hour. Well the problem with that was that I had an internship interview in an hour. Fortunately, some lady came up to me, asked what test I was taking, and when I told her, told me to go to the line on the left. Which cut my wait time down to 10 minutes. How that happened, I have no idea (though I think it had to do with the fact I wasn't taking a Book of Mormon class/it was higher than a 100 level class).

I took my time with the test, making sure to check and recheck my answers (which fortunately I did because on my second run-through, I noticed that I had completely put the wrong answer down unintentionally). When I went to turn the test in, I told myself to expect a 70. Not because I actually thought I did that poorly, but because I always think I do better than I've actually done, so with my sights set so low, I couldn't go wrong right? Well, I was totally off base. When I saw my student ID number on the screen my first words were, "holy crap." Then, "I've never seen such a high score on these test screens!!" Some guy behind me said congrats. I got a 97%. Can you believe that? I sure can't! But I'm incredibly grateful.

After my test, I went to my interview. I think it went well. And if I don't get the job. Well, that's okay, though I'd really like it.

Then I went to work on my design portfolio again/check my email. I email the professor, asking a few questions about the portfolio, and she emailed back answering my questions and asking one of her own. Was I still interested in TAing for her? Of course I said, Yes! Plus I was texting Jordan, so that made everything just a little bit better ;)

After finishing everything I needed to on the computer, I headed home. It had been a long(ish) day. 10:30-8? Yeah it was definitely time to not be on campus anymore. So Jordan and I talked for a little bit on the way home. A few minutes before I got there, he had to help Jake with something. When I walked in the door, I saw a little square vase with flowers, and thought, "oh those are so cute! I wonder who they're for." And nosey me checked the little envelope. You can imagine my shock when I read off my own name. I quickly opened the letter and read "Still missing you like crazy! And loving you like crazy! - Jordan" Goodness, it was cutest, sweetest thing ever!! Can I just say that he's the best ever?! Cause he is! I love that boy.

Nothing else could have made my day better. But alas it did get better. Though they're just small things, they really did add to my day. I had enough time to record the song Russ & I sang on Sunday, finish the final episode of the first season of Bones, fold and start a load of laundry, and clean (most) of my room. As well we clear the sink of empty dishes. Yeah, I'd say today was a really productive and overall awesome day.

Love you Jordan :)