Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BYU True Cougar & other non-important news items

This past Saturday, I successfully completed my first triathlon. It was a super sprint, so it was pretty short. The bike was first - 10K (or 6.2 miles). It probably wouldn't have been so bad if part of the bike course didn't include going up a long fairly steep hill. That was killer. But at least right after that there was a downhill part. My quads are still sore from that though. Right after the bike was a 3K run (or 1.8 miles). The hardest part of the run was in the beginning because I had already put so much effort into the bike part that the last thing I wanted to do was keep using my legs, but I pressed on. And every step I took, it got a little better. I made a goal to not stop at all during the run, and I'm happy to say that I completed that goal. After the run, was the 200 yd swim. The hardest part about that was that you can't breathe when you want to, so you end up running out of breath really quickly and easily, so that definitely slowed me down. My overall time was about 50 minutes or so. I'm not exactly sure how long it took because I left pretty much right after I finished and I didn't check with the people, but I'm pretty sure they'll post the times, so hopefully I'll know soon.

In other news, I've started training again (well, not that I really stopped, but I took a break the rest of Saturday and Sunday). I'm planning on doing another triathlon in November, on the 7th. That one is a sprint triathlon, so it's a little bit longer. Ten mile bike, 5K run, and 350 yd swim (which the swim portion is still pretty short). I'm also doing another 5K this Saturday for BYU's Homecoming. I'm pretty excited cause two of my freshman year roommates might be doing it with me.

I also got a letter from Jeremiah last Friday. For those of you that are wondering, he's doing really well. Yesterday, I sent him and his companion (Elder Tatton) a care package :)

Also, I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans. They actually don't look too bad. We'll see how this trend goes.

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Tiffany said...

wow I could never do a triathlon! that's amazing!