Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keeping a Blog

I have kept journals throughout my whole life. Well, at least for the most part. Sometimes I am really diligent. I have a journal that I kept up almost daily for a year of my life. Other than that, I have a few other journals that have been on and off. Some are really good, like my Europe journal and an online journal I kept a few years ago, some are really scattered. A little before I started regularly writing in this blog, I read through a few of them and remembered parts of my life that I hadn't remembered before. I was stunned at how much I had forgotten. I also realized that if I had forgotten all that, how much would I remember now? So, I've decided to keep a blog so that I can remember my life. As someone once said, "A birth certificate proves that you were born, but a personal history proves that you lived -- you really lived." I want to prove that I really lived.

Sometimes I think back to my past and I crave to remember what I had done. I wish to go back to one specific event and re-live it through my own eyes; my own writing, but I can't most of the time because I didn't keep up a regular journal. And I know that when I have kids, I will be able to share my writings with them, but there will be so much missing that I didn't write and can't remember. I guess I would encourage anyone that reads this to write in a journal or a blog or something! Whether you think your story is worth telling or not, I promise that you will never regret doing it.

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