Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Infinite Power of Hope

I often visit the LDS Church website, and watching their video clips from General Authority Talks is one of my favorite things to do. Although this one is not all that recent, it is one of my favorites. I absolutely love President Utchdorf. He has a great spirit that just emanates from him. This talk is from the October 2008 General Conference. This video is a mere clip of the whole talk. I love how he emphasizes what hope can do for us. It can bring up happiness and sustain us through despair. He states that through hope, we can come to the knowledge that our prayers are heard and answered. But one of my favorite quotes from this excerpt is when he says, "Hope teaches that there is reason to rejoice even when all seems dark around us.... Never allow despair to overcome your spirit." Sometimes it is so hard to keep your head up and remember that tomorrow is not far off. Sometimes it is really difficult to not feel alone, but because of the Atonement of Christ, we can always turn to Him if we have hope.

Here's the link to the video:


And here's the link to the actual talk:

If anyone out there is reading this, I hope that by watching this you can maybe feel the Spirit and inspiration I felt while watching it. Hope truly has the power to change and testify if we allow it to.

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