Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Grateful For...

Today, I'm grateful for cold weather. Not because I particularly like it, but because it brings back many, many memories. And, good or bad, I enjoy being able to remember.

I'm grateful for cell phones and text messaging. Without it, I'd be even more sad about Jordan leaving. I'm so grateful that he can text and talk to me even while he's at his deployment training camp. (We didn't think we'd be able to talk)

I'm grateful that I have wonderful group members for this biology project. Tim and Aaron, few people are as devoted to a group assignment as you two are, so my very many thanks go out to you.

I'm grateful for my backpack. Despite how often I complain of how heavy it is, it has held up pretty well for the last few years and served me quite nicely. This little green goodness helps show a little bit of my hidden personality.

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