Wednesday, July 28, 2010

These made me laugh

BYU Police Beat:

July 26: At 3:30 in the morning, a custodian said she saw a car parked in an unauthorized area, taking up multiple parking spots. She said a man inside the car ducked down when he saw her. When police arrived, they found two students kissing in the front seat. The police advised the students to take their activities to another location.

July 8: A student reported a sex offense occurring at Wyview Park. When an officer arrived, he found a male and female making out. Both parties were clothed. The officer suggested they find another location to continue such activities.

July 12: Students were reported yelling outside Wyview Park. An officer asked them to be quiet.

July 6: A student reported a group of students picking up a car and moving it to a different parking stall. Police spoke with the owner of the car, who moved it back. There was no damage to the car.

July 1: Three students were reported for suspicious behavior at Wyview Park. When police arrived, they found the students were having a picnic and left.

June 26: Students were reported to be trespassing in a
construction site near the Morris Center. The students claimed to be freshmen who were lost. The reporting officer redirected them.

June 24: A 5-year-old was reported missing at the Smith Fieldhouse. The child was reunited with his mom.

haha, anyway, I just love BYU

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Emily said...

hahaha yes! I saw that July 8 "sex offense" one in the paper and about died. so awesome. I love the police beat!